All Christians have spiritual gifts, those special attributes that God has given them to help others.  I used to wish that I could be a great worship leader or a gifted evangelist or be able to prophesy or be a natural helper or be rich in mercy, but I haven’t been given any of these gifts.   My gift is encouragement.  It doesn’t look fancy and may not get noticed much in today’s world, but I like it.  I can use it in both the written word and the spoken word.   I love that the centerpiece of the word encouragement is courage.  I believe that encouraging words have the power to equip others courage to tackle the next task, to face their fears, and to continue when they feel like quitting.

I also need to encourage myself in the same manner and let the wise and affirming words of others spur me on to grow as a person even when I don’t feel like it.  I can’t think of a single situation that isn’t improved by encouragement, so I will increase doing so as I enter into this next decade!


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