I have had the privilege of many mentors in my life.   My parents were my first mentors, followed by my teachers, spiritual leaders, and friends who are a few steps ahead of me on the journey of womanhood.  I would not be who I am without the time, energy, prayers, and help invested in me by each of these people.

The best return I can give others from their investment in me is to turn around and invest in others.  I don’t have to know everything to be a mentor.  In fact, it’s a relief to others to see that life is never without its struggles.  God has had me go through a variety of experiences so I could mentor others on similar journeys.  At this stage in my life, I am mentoring a group of moms at a mommy group at church, teaching preschoolers the joys of following Jesus, tutoring four third graders in reading at the local elementary school, encouraging others who have similar health conditions to my own, discipling a group of 2nd through 5th grade girls at church, and being an example to my own two children.

Mentoring others has brought me great joy, especially as I see those I taught go on to mentor others.   Who are you being called to mentor today?

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