My youngest child turns 24 years old today.  I don’t feel mature enough to be 24, let alone to have a child who is 24.  Her brother is nearing his 26th birthday.

From the moment I knew that I was expecting these children, they have occupied much of my heart, my thoughts, my energy, and my fondest memories.  I wanted to give them my very best to ensure that they experienced a great childhood.  The first time I stared into their eyes, I knew that we were meant to be connected for the rest of our lives.  Their  transition from infancy through adolescence into adulthood was not without its bumps and detours, but the more time I spend with them as adults, the more I genuinely like and admire them.  I would choose them to be my friends even if I wasn’t their mom.

Their maturity has required me to back off from my previous posture of hovering over them.   I now need to nag and offer advice less and to encourage and pray even more.   I don’t want to suffocate them in my presence.  Instead, I am determined to make the limited time we share something we can all anticipate with joy.  Being David and Abigail’s mother has filled my life with purpose and gratitude.

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