It is easy to get so distracted by the hurried pace of this world and everything that is going wrong in our lives that we take our eyes and hearts off the One who has richly blessed us.  When we focus on all the blessings we experience in this life, our hearts fill with gratitude toward God and we feel stronger to face the obstacles and complexity of this life.  November, the month of Thanksgiving, is a perfect month to express thankfulness and gratitude for all we have.  I am challenging myself to find five things to thank God for each day during this month.  Who else would like to join me?

My 5 Project Gratitude Thankful Things for Today

  1. The Smell of Coffee Brewing
  2. A Warm Shower
  3. The Privilege of Teaching Children the Promises of God
  4. Autumn Walks and Talks with Friends
  5. Guacamole

What are you thankful for today?