I can’t even begin to count the number of physical gifts I’ve received in my lifetime.  It started with a baby shower before I was born and continued through 49 birthdays so far, 50 Christmases, my high school and college graduation, my wedding, 26 Mother’s Days,  27 anniversaries, and even some gifts just because.  Yet all of those gifts combined do not compare to the relationships in my life.

Interacting with others is the gift that continues to bless me every day of my life, and that’s where I choose to spend my time.   Laughter, consolation, sharing, conversing, smiling, exploring, and embracing are great investments.  Stuff will break, rot, and get misplaced, but time spent with people can have lasting effects.  I still remember those people who took time with me to show me that I had value in their eyes.  This had a far greater effect on me than any physical gift would.

As I approach 50, my eyes are open for new opportunities to value other people in my life.  Who will you choose to value today?

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