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It is the middle of the afternoon, and I am wearing slippers.  I am so tempted to throw on shoes and run errands.  After all, I have Kohl’s cash burning a hole in my wallet and a major sale at Family Christian Stores beckoning me.  But it’s Wednesday.

Wednesday mornings are one of my favorite mornings of the week.  I have the honor of teaching 11 four, five, and six year old children from the Bible book of John for two hours at Bible Study Fellowship.  This morning, we drew,  built with Duplos,  talked about all that had happened since before Spring Break,  flew like jets to and from the bathroom, did fingerplays, heard a story about how Jesus prayed for us just before he went to the cross, had an indoor snowball fight with pantyhose stuffed with cotton, worshiped God, ate snack, shared a few quiet moments before God, played Looby Loo and Mulberry Bush, and skipped.   As my children were waving goodbye, a group of four two year olds came in to play for a few minutes while their loved ones finished cleaning their classrooms.  Needless to say, my body complained the whole way home.

Wednesday evenings are one of my favorite evenings of the week.  We get to eat dinner with our son who lives in town and any extra college students he brings.  We haven’t seen him in two weeks and love laughing and catching up with him and his friends at family dinner.  Then my sweet hubby and I head off to Wednesday evening church.  After we get home at nine, we wind down by watching Jeopardy and Survivor.

In order to live life at full speed for my Wednesday mornings and Wednesday evenings, I must make the decision to keep my Wednesday afternoons quiet.  I texted my friend, Nancy, in the early afternoon to tell her of my temptation to run errands and my resolve not to do it, and she commended me for “resisting busyness.”  I like those words!

Busyness is a status symbol for today’s women.  How often do we answer, “Busy” when asked, “How are you?”  Is busy best?  If we have fifty events on the calendar this week, are we more spiritual or better than those who only who have five or three or one?

My father taught me the acronym for busy when I was a young woman, and I am still learning this for myself and applying it to my own life.





I am so guilty of getting on my own hamster wheel and thinking I will progress if I just run a little faster, but the faster I go, the more I have to keep up with a frantic pace.  This is so unhealthy for my body, mind, and soul!

How do you resist busyness?