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Nag Less, Pray More


Words have fascinated me for my entire life.   My earliest memories are of my mother’s lullabies, playing school with my sister, and frequent visits to the public library.  I learned to read before my third birthday and used reading as a means of comfort and escape during a difficult childhood.  I would often repeat well-written words aloud, savoring the sounds of them as they rolled off my tongue.    When I finished one book, I was lost until I had another one to read.

Words still play an enormous role in my life.  I still can’t fall asleep unless I’ve read at least two pages.  Now my love for words has branched into writing them as well.   Over the years, I’ve learned the power that words hold.   I observed my children wilting from my critical and caustic words and bloom with encouraging, uplifting words.    A single harsh remark would undo hundreds of compliments.  Every word that comes out of my mouth is a choice.   I still struggle to keep every word positive, but I am choosing to use the words I love to inspire instead of destroy.

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  1. Our choice of words in any given situation is so important. Thanks for sharing!

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