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Nag Less, Pray More


I love to laugh.  I love to be in the sunshine.  I.m not a plastic surgery, Botox, or serum kind of gal, so the result as I approach fifty are some fine lines around the corners of my eyes and around my smile area that previously did not exist.  I know I could research the best way to eradicate these from my face so I would appear years younger, but I’m proud of my wrinkles.  I’ve earned every one of them through years of smiling and experience.  It is a sign that I have enjoyed life and lived on the edge.   My wrinkles seem to multiply as my body weight decreases.  It shows a life well-lived.   I don’t know how I’ll feel about them when I am 90, but for now I will enjoy my wrinkles!

This post is part of a  31 Day Blogging Challenge entitled Embracing Fifty.  Please click here  to find all the posts in this series.  You can find the work of more bloggers participating in this series here. You’ll be glad you did!


  1. Oh man, it’s taken me a while to embrace my wrinkles, especially the ones in my hands.

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