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Aging Gracefully with my Husband


My beloved husband and I met at the end of our teens and now have known each other for over 30 years.  In that time, we have changed quite a bit from immature teenagers to parents-in-law turning 50.  When we were first getting to know each other in the years of big hair and endless energy, I don’t think we ever considered that the time would come when our knees would crack, our backs would ache, our hairlines would recede, our eyesight would fade, and our strength would diminish, but each of those changes has occurred in the Clark house.

Yet when I look across the room at that distinguished man who became my husband, I embrace the changes.   We can lament and laugh together as gravity and age reshape our bodies.  Instead of staring at each other with rose-colored glasses, I have to grab my purple frames for distance and hubby grabs his readers.  We can always tell when the other one is getting out of bed because of the groans and cracks.  We understand one another’s exhaustion at the end of day.

We may not look like we did in the late 1980s, but we’ve earned every  gray hair, wrinkle, muscle ache, and cracking joint.  There’s still nobody I’d rather have by my side.

This post is part of a  31 Day Blogging Challenge entitled Embracing Fifty.  Please click here  to find all the posts in this series.  You can find the work of more bloggers participating in this series here. You’ll be glad you did!


  1. I love this. I didn’t meet my husband until my early 20’s. We met as youth leaders and got engaged after just about 6 weeks. We’ve been married 29 years! Love this post!

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