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Becoming an Overcomer Instead of a Victim

I am an avid reader, and I love a good story.  I especially enjoy great character development, watching the protagonist in the story grow throughout all the activity of the story and triumph over the antagonist at the climax of the story.   I get way too involved in  the characters’ lives, rooting for them, shedding actual tears due to their emotional pain, empathizing with their highs and lows, and rejoicing at the end of the book even though the hero is a fictitious, created in the mind of the author.

I need to apply these feelings to my own life.  It’s so easy for me to make excuses or blame my lack of initiative on past circumstances or on the hurt that others have caused me to feel.   My natural tendency is to see myself as the victim but it’s time to become the hero in my story.  I need to look at opposition as means for growth and change and see that I have the Creator of the universe always on my side.   I need to see the pain of my past propelling me to face the future.   I need to focus on the triumph instead of the turmoil.

I will still be the same person I was in my forties as I enter this new decade of life in just fifty days, but the fifties will be my decade of being the one who overcomes!

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  1. Yes! Amen! And God bless it!

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