I’ll admit that lack of control is a tough concept for me to embrace.   I am a selfish and prideful woman and desire to be in charge.  Yet when I do seize control, I make a mess of things.  I need to accept that God had my life figured out before the foundation of the world, and His plans are infinitely better than my own.

I remember being in the throes of hard labor with my first child, attempting to breathe right and do everything according to my birth plan, and what was happening in real life looked nothing like what I had dreamed.  I cried out to the nurse, “I feel so out of control,” and the nurse looked into my eyes and calmly replied, “Welcome to motherhood.”

I need to remember that even in the darkest days, God is trustworthy and is weaving each circumstance into a breathless tapestry.  I only tend to look at the back side of his handiwork and see loose threads and wonder how that can be a thing of beauty.  When I cease striving and allow God to have His way in my life, everything, while it may not be easy, goes so much better!

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