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Nag Less, Pray More

Pushing Past My Fears

I think I was born scared.  My parents told me stories of my terror at my first Independence Day fireworks when I was less than 7 months old.  I remember hiding under a blanket when the theme song to “I Dream of Jeannie” blared through the television, dreading the moment that the animated genie was sucked into the bottle.  I was hesitant to ride a bike, jump in a pool, or call anyone on the phone.  As I entered adolescence, I became preoccupied with my fear of other people’s opinions of me.

I let each fear and concern hold me back from taking risks or enjoying new activities.   Then I became a mom.  I delighted in my children’s new experiences and marveled at their bravery as they stepped into the unknown with more faith than fear.

As my children left the nest, I made the choice to push past fears.  Instead of worrying what others thought or the worst case scenario, I would let my yes supersede my no.  I had to remind myself that the chances of a mishap were small and that mishaps occurred even in everyday life.  Sometimes I’d tremble and be close to tears but I’ve now driven an ATV, gone on a Segway tour, participated in 4 half marathons, rappelled into an underground cave, and zip lined.   I have no idea what God has in store, but I plan to follow him boldly!



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