Empty Nest, Abundant Life

Nag Less, Pray More


When I focus on myself, my life doesn’t go as well.  I vacillate between two extremes: thinking pridefully of myself and the way I am handling life or getting down on myself and my lack of having “figured life out” yet.  The very best way to keep this from happening is to look upward and focus on worshiping the One who made me, the One who knows everything about me and still loves me anyway.  I’ve heard that worship is showing somebody’s worth, and nobody is worthy of all that I am than God.

When I focus on His attributes and character, I can’t help but feel joy bubbling up within me.  Worship takes many forms at my house.  Sometimes it’s quietly listening to music.  Sometimes it’s writing down what I love and appreciate about God that day….I could spend the rest of my life writing and still barely scratch the surface of His substance and all that He is to me.  Sometimes it’s singing at the top of my lungs in my car.  The common component is taking the focus off myself and focusing on lifting God up to the place He rightfully deserves in my life and this world. 

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  1. No matter what is going on around me, life appears so much better when I worship and fix my gaze on Him.

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